3500 W 6th St Ste311, Los Angeles, CA 90020 +1)213-368-1388
Dining Izakaya in Los Angeles Korea Town
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John Phillipe

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Dining Izakaya in Los Angeles Korea Town
Korean-run restaurant on the 3rd floor of the City Center mall on 6th Street.
Serves a fusion of Japanese, Korean, and Western dishes.

Touhmi is one of the best places to Party!!!! Fast, Cheap, Delicious and YOU HAPPY!!! 50% off Drinks and Foods during Happy Hour (5-10pm) Also SAKE 50% OFF NOW!!!






Touhmi's special events (213-368-1388)
Touhmi’s special events
1. Asahi Days (7/21.28. 8/4. 11) -buy 1 cup (500cc) get 1 cup free.
2. 50% DC (all beer, soju n sake) : everyday 6~9 PM
3. 25% University Students DC ( all beer, soju n sake) after 9pm

Touhmi’s special birthday event
1. A bottle of champagne.
2. A cup of Tsunami.
3. Special gift from Touhmi.
4. Birthday song for event.